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To: Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh and Ratan Singh Pal, BJP

Arki has Right to Clean Air: Move the residents of 15 villages to a pollution-free zone

Arki has Right to Clean Air: Move the residents of 15 villages to a pollution-free zone

20 meters! That’s how close Rauri village is from highly polluting Ambuja Cement factory. For years now, the residents of this village and other neighbouring villages have been fighting for their right to clean air. Right now, they’ve identified a moment and we need to throw in our full support.

The elections in Himachal Pradesh are in less than a fortnight. And the residents of 15 villages in Arki constituency are making a demand: If you can’t shut down the plant, then at least permanently move us to a pollution-free zone.

Will you join me in asking the candidates of this constituency to listen to the people of these villages?

Why is this important?

Air pollution is one of the biggest killers in India, and the people of the villages in Arki constituency are living this nightmare everyday. They’ve been reported saying that they’ve developed breathing and respiratory diseases due to this constant exposure to polluted air.

But the Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly Elections on November 9 is giving them some hope -- hope that the government will listen to them.

Virbhadra Singh, the sitting chief minister, is going to contest elections from Arki constituency. These villages fall under this constituency. It is predicted that BJP is going to have a big win in Himachal Pradesh, and that’s why Virbhadra Singh will make sure that he pulls all stops to not let that happen.

Hundreds of residents are threatening to boycott the elections if their demand for clean air is not met. They will submit a memorandum to the election commission regarding their decision to boycott the November 9 election. This is not something that either candidate would want, especially Virbhadra Singh.

We all know during elections, politicians make plenty of promises. Let’s use our collective power and make sure that the candidates of Arki make a promise to the people of their constituency. We also know that they might back down on their promise after the elections, but we will remind them time and again until Arki has clean air.

Sign this petition and ask the government to prioritize this issue of pollution.

If we win this campaign, this will inspire hundreds and thousands of other villages across the country that have been fighting big corporations for their basic right of a clean environment.

During election, every politician is looking for a victory. But in the end it truly is a victory or a defeat for the people. For years, Arki has been fighting for clean air -- it is high time now that we make their voices heard.

Himachal Pradesh, India

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  • Because pollution free environment is important, we got to start from somewhere


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