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To: Sri Lakshman, Karnataka State Pollution Control Board

Regulate PUC centres in my city: Sri Lakshman

Some PUC centres in our cities are not regulated, some do not have the latest technology, while some do not have experienced staff. And sometimes our cities do not have enough centres. We need our state pollution control boards to take action immediately.

Why is this important?

Picture this. You’re stuck at a signal in an autorickshaw with your daughter. An old, highly polluting car pulls over next to you. At that moment, you quickly cover your daughter’s nose. And under your breath, you curse the driver and wonder why the car is still running. And then you think out loud, “How did this car clear the pollution test?”

Yes, let’s talk about a problem that we see quite often in our cities: shoddy pollution under check (PUC) centres. I’m sure most of you -- vehicle owners -- like me have visited such a centre at least once. Our vehicles have been certified to be non-polluting or minimal polluting without following a proper process.

Sometimes turning a blind eye is easier. Yes, most of us are sometimes guilty for not speaking out. “Fake certificate? It’s fine. My vehicle isn’t polluting anyway!” But this is where the problem lies. We need to ensure that due process is followed, even if we are clean. And hence we now need to take responsibility.

Whenever we come across a fraudulent PUC centre, ask them to follow due diligence. At the same time, let’s ask our state pollution control board to strictly regulate these centres.

Our hope is to ensure that highly polluting vehicles do not run on our street and endanger our children’s lives. But this is possible only when you take that first step.

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

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Reasons for signing

  • There are so many vehicles belching out black smoke. One suggestion is that Govt should have a campaign where citizens can send photos of the number plate & vehicle that is polluting. Govt can then fine them. This will create more awareness & compliance.
  • Pollution is the biggest threat and enemy for every citizen's health. This is slow poisoning. Everyone living in city is getting poisoned on a daily basis. Doctors and hospitals are the beneficiaries. But even they will be victims of this problem.
  • Even i seen these kind of vehicles on road and wondering what government is doing?


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