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To: BH Anil Kumar, BBMP Comissioner, BBMP Comissioner

Respect Court order, halt tree cutting in Bengaluru

Respect Court order, halt tree cutting in Bengaluru

1. Complete halt on tree cutting in Bengaluru until the High Court gives a go-ahead

Why is this important?

Bengaluru trees are under threat!

As the city is grappling with woes of lockdown and slowly trying to recover, Bengaluru’s civic body, the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike(BBMP) quietly gave permission the chopping of 165 trees. On June 7, the BMRCL began cutting trees along Bannerghatta Road, even as the Karnataka High Court was yet to issue directions to the BBMP in this regard. On June 9, more trees were cut on this stretch, during the night.

The cutting of trees continued until the High Court of Karnataka had put a stay on the issue on 10 June 2020. The Karnataka High Court expressed dissatisfaction over Tree committee’s approval for chopping of trees for the construction of the Pink Line metro rail project undertaken by the Bengaluru Metro Rail Corporation Limited.

The High Court of Karnataka has emphasised on the need for tree census multiple times. BBMP has not followed the Court-prescribed process and a number of healthy trees that were marked to be transplanted have also been chopped off.

As the entire world battles the COVID-19 pandemic, the future of our trees hangs in the balance. Bengaluru’s civic agencies should not use this crisis( by fast-tracking development projects without due process )to create worse one for the city of Bengaluru. Sign the petition now to urge Bangalore civic authorities to respect the decision of Karnataka High Court.

The court’s decision is for all to follow, Government bodies should not be an exception.

Sign the petition now to save trees of Bengaluru


Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

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Reasons for signing

  • What wrong do they do while standing along those sides. We need the air to breath and the rain too, at the end when it comes to personal comfort it’s like who cares it’s just one among a thousand what change does it make.. people please.
  • because its my choice
  • Save tree save human


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