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To: Dr Harsh Vardhan, Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change

Save 10 lakh trees in the heart of India

Save 10 lakh trees in the heart of India

Do not give the clearances to the Forest Advisory Committee (FAC) for the Amelia coal project

Why is this important?

What is the real environmental cost of modern development?

HUGE, going by the devastation this coal mining project will unfurl.

843 hectares of forest land is proposed to be diverted for mining in Amelia Coal Block, located in the Singrauli district in Madhya Pradesh, the heart of India. The project will involve the felling of over 10 LAKH TREES -- making it one of the only cases cleared under the Forest Conservation Act involving such a large number of trees.

Let’s get this straight -- over 10 lakh trees will be cut to MINE COAL, one of the biggest environmental threats today, which will in turn contribute to climate change. An IPCC report has highlighted how we need to cut down on coal and conserve our forest cover. Do we really need energy generated through coal when renewable resources are significantly cheaper and not harmful to the environment?

There’s a huge human cost to this proposed development too. Thousands of people in the Mahan forest area depend on the forest land for their livelihoods -- their culture, community and lives are intertwined with this forest that the corporations threaten to destroy. The area is also an elephant corridor -- there's a steady movement of elephants nearly every year from Baikunthapur going onto Kachan reservoir and Gopad river, back to Baikunthapur. Mining in this corridor has the potential to disrupt the movement and increase severity of human-elephant conflict.

In addition, compensatory afforestation in this case is proposed over degraded forest, and not on non-forest land. Given that over 10 lakh naturally grown trees are required to be felled, a very detailed and careful examination of the proposal should have been carried out. The non-forest use of forest land should have been considered only if found absolutely necessary, in public interest and if no other alternative was found feasible.

The project is now awaiting a forest clearance from the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change. We must urge Dr Harsh Vardhan not to grant any environmental clearances for this project.

10 lakh trees -- A whole ecosystem is at stake here!

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  • Bcz I am not fool as govt
  • Save env. Save lungs
  • Save our environment


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