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To: BS Yeddiyurappa, Karnataka chief minister, Karnataka forest department, KRDCL

Save 520 trees from being axed in Bengaluru!

Save 520 trees from being axed in Bengaluru!

Don't chop 80-year-old trees for the technology corridor widening project

Why is this important?

UPDATE - Dec 24, 2019
KDCRL came unprepared for the public consultation, and said issues will be discussed later. They also put the onus on the Karnataka Forest Department on the felling of the trees and told citizens to not raise environmental issues.

Bengaluru, our green cover is under threat once again.

520 trees are proposed to be cut for a road widening project, in order to decongest the tech corridor. Existing two-lane and four-lane roads will be converted into four-lane and six-lane ones on the stretch between Bannerghatta, Anekal and Whitefield. Some of these trees are over 80 years old, and include peepal, banyan, tamarind and other species.

In just the past couple of years, air pollution has risen drastically in Bengaluru, with construction dust, garbage burning and the rise in private vehicles leading to more emissions. In the midst of this, the city's old trees are a natural buffer and their loss for development projects will lead to worsening impact of climate change, not to mention the health effects of air pollution.

We have a chance to stop this from happening. Karnataka Government has directed Karnataka Road Development Corporation Ltd (KRDCL) and the forest department to hold a public consultation to explain the modalities of the project. This is happening on Tuesday, December 24.

Apart from signing this petition, we urge you to go for this consultation and make yourselves heard. This is the first time such a consultation is being held and if enough Bengalureans speak up, they may reconsider the chopping of over 500 trees for this project.

In the past, citizens like you have come together to oppose the Steel Corridor and the more recent ELevated Corridor project. Our voice matters. Let's raise it once again to retain the green cover of our city.


Bangalore, Karnataka, India

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Reasons for signing

  • Trees are important. We shouldn't cut them for our greed
  • Delhi is already suffering. Please don't make Bengaluru like that. Instead of cutting the trees, please remove the trees with root and plant it somewhere else. This technology is used in many places in India.
  • It's worth it.


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