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To: Chief Minister of Karnataka, Special Commissioner (BBMP) and Commisioner (Bangalore Development Authority)


This campaign has ended.

Explore all alternatives and consult public before any trees are cut for road widening around palace Grounds - Bellary road area and/ or the Steel Flyover project!

Why is this important?

Jhatkaa team is now officially a part of the North Bangalore Tree Committee and will be raising your concerns there. We have also facilitated the inclusion of two other expert citizen representation on this committee.

Join more than 1,00,000 Jhatkaa members in standing up for Bangalore’s tree cover by signing this petition today!

On 21st September, Jhatkaa started a campaign calling for the BBMP to stop cutting Bangalore’s old and beautiful trees without a public consultation or studying alternatives. Last week, we joined hands with the Citizens Against Steel Flyover (CASFo) to peacefully protest the cutting of trees for infrastructure projects without analysing alternatives.

Over 8000 Bangaloreans joined together to form a peaceful human chain along the route of the proposed steel flyover project. By the end of the protest day, 66 Jhatkaa members had sent in their views on Whatsapp and 19 Jhatkaa members sent in pictures from the protest site!

Every Bangalorean knows the city needs its trees to keep the city liveable and ready to face the challenges of climate change and air pollution that are already at our door. If thousands of us put pressure on civic authorities like the BBMP and the BDA, they will be forced to reconsider their current plans! By informing citizens and consolidating public opinion on this issue, we can show them that we won’t allow them to cut Bangalore’s trees unless there is no other option.

That’s why we need many more Bangaloreans to join us and ensure that the Karnataka Government and its officials do not cut any trees from these project before exploring all alternatives and including citizen voices in the decision making process! Get your friends and family to join the movement by signing and sharing this campaign.

We launched this campaign after a recent High Court order directed the Government to go ahead with road widening along Bellary Road – even though it would mean that more than 800 of the city’s oldest trees would have to be chopped down. In just a few days this campaign had garnered support from 8000 people.

Around the same time, news remerged of another infrastructure project in the same geographic area – a 6.7km steel flyover to facilitate traffic towards Bangalore International Airport which would also require felling of 812 trees. This project is estimated to cost Rs. 1800 crore! This galvanized Bangalore’s leading activists, citizen groups, issue experts and the media to sound the alarm on the Government’s logic behind this project.

We knew we had to act. That’s why we decided to support the #NoSteelFlyover movement in solidarity with Citizens Against the Steel Flyover (CASFo) . The steel bridge project is a perfect example of not just the disregard for the environmental needs of the city but also of attempts to keep citizens out of the decision making process.

We felt that while it is key for us to get as many people as possible out on the streets to take a stand on this issue, it’s also important to give those who may not be able to do so physically on that given day an opportunity to weigh in. So, we continue to reach out to thousands of people via SMS, Whatsapp and email to strengthen this movement.

That’s where you come in. It’s time that decision makers in Bangalore acknowledge that they need to be proactively looking for city and town planning solutions that take into account our environmental needs. Join us by signing the petition!

For media queries, please write to tania[at]jhatkaa[dot]org

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Reasons for signing

  • Trees in Bangalore are such a beauty and being so tall and huge they provide canopy wherever they are present. Pollution levels are less in this city even with heavy traffic, all because of the trees. Already compared to past, temperature of the city has risen and will continue to rise along with pollution levels with the cutting of these precious elements of nature which takes decades to grow but are cut in to pieces within few hours only to pose more danger to humans :(
  • Tree is very important especially in Bangalore, where the environment is completely damaged due to imbalance in the eco system which is having short of rainfall and impurities in air & short of water availability in entire Bangalore. To overcome these uncertainty we need trees. Please stop cutting trees. Let's save & preserve and improve the environment by growing trees for further generation.
  • To save our bengaluru tree.


2018-04-04 11:47:16 +0530

Petition is successful with 167,508 signatures

2017-04-26 11:04:56 +0530

UPDATE, 2nd March 2017: You brought down the dreaded steel flyover!! Media reports indicate that the Government has cancelled the plans for the flyover.
This is what people power can do. Voices of thousands of Bangaloreans like you who took to the streets, to social media, to television and to the courts forced the Government to listen. However many of Bengaluru’s trees are still at risk. Bangaloreans have come together and saved more than 800 trees from this steel flyover, but we need to ensure that this momentum shifts focus to hundreds of trees at risk around the city for eg: along Jayamahal Road and Palace Grounds area. We want the Government to consider all alternatives before proposing felling of trees. Your continued support is going to be vital.

2017-04-26 11:03:38 +0530

Our campaign has gone viral! Over 1,64,000 Bangaloreans have signed our missed call petition against rampant tree cutting for infrastructure projects. The campaign demands that no trees be harmed by the city’s civic authorities until all alternatives are explored and citizens are consulted as per law.

Recently, we delivered this petition to Mr. BM Vijay Shankar, Special Commissioner (Projects) at the BBMP. We also met with Mr. Appu Rao, BBMP Deputy Conservator of Forests and Head of the Tree Committee.

Jhatkaa team is now officially a part of the North Bangalore Tree Committee and will be raising your concerns there. We have also facilitated the inclusion of two other expert citizen representation on this committee.