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To: Hardeep S Puri, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs; Dr Harsh Vardhan, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change

Save Delhi's Trees

The Delhi High Court stayed the cutting of these trees.

Stop the felling of 16,500 trees as part of a "re-development plan" for Netaji Nagar, Kasturba Nagar, Sarojini Nagar and other neighbourhoods in Delhi.

June 25, 2018: The Delhi High Court has stayed the cutting of 16,500 trees in the city until July 4.

Why is this important?

Over the past week, the air quality in Delhi was deemed "severe". So severe that the Delhi High Court sought the response of the Delhi Government to combat the "emergency-like pollution situation".

In the midst of this crisis comes news that the forest department gave permission to the NBCC to chop off 16,500 trees, as part of a plan to redevelop seven neighbourhoods in the city. These include Sarojini Nagar, Naroji Nagar, Netaji Nagar, Thyagraj Nagar, Mohammadpur, Kasturba Nagar and Sriniwaspuri.

In fact 1465 trees at Naroji Nagar, have already been axed, while another 2294 are being chopped off in Netaji Nagar. The fate of the remaining 12,000 hangs in the balance. Felling of this magnitude will be a huge loss to Delhi's green cover. Trees purify the air and in a city already battling with deteriorating air quality, the loss of 12,000 more trees will have devastating consequences.

The forest department mandates that 10 saplings be planted for every tree that is cut. In this situation however, the saplings will planted in other locations, and the residents will have no benefit of this green cover. Besides, will there be an agency to check how many trees are planted and where? And let's not forget that compensatory afforestation will take decades to make up for the void of felling decades old, full-grown trees.

We still have a chance to Save ( over 12000) Delhi's Trees and must not let this opportunity go.


Delhi, India

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Reasons for signing

  • Everyone is concerned about the air we breathe
  • This is the least I can do to save environment, even though I don’t live in Delhi
  • Tree are precious gift for us . Plz save them


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