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To: K. Venkatesh, Chairman, Bangalore Development Authority

Save Indiranagar's trees

Stop the felling of around 200 trees in Indiranagar for redevelopment of the BDA (Bangalore Development Authority) complex.

Why is this important?

The area around the 30-year-old BDA complex is one of the last remaining tree-lined, canopied stretches in Indiranagar. There is also a lake within 75 metres of the complex and a primary storm water drain within 25 metres of the complex. According to the National Green Tribunal, no construction can come up in this buffer zone. The BDA has decided to chop around 200 trees to redevelop BDA complex.

No public consultation was conducted before taking this decision.

So basically, this is illegal.

Some of the trees that will be axed include peepal, banyan, silver oak, orchid tree, cherry, champak, java plum, mango, lemon, neem, coconut, and custard apple among others. Many of the trees that will be felled are over 70 years old.

Air pollution is an issue that needs urgent addressing -- And chopping off hundreds of trees that essentially purify the air, for 're-development' projects is only going to make it more difficult to tackle.

We have save thousands of trees in Bangalore before. We can do it again. Sign this petition NOW.


Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

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Reasons for signing

  • To me bringing down 200 trees is NOT development.
  • This is sad! There are brilliant examples of including the greenery in the remodeling/developing of buildings around the world! There should be another petition to hire a better architect for the remodelling. One who can make a better design for the building to get the necessary space while keeping the trees in natural landscaping.
  • To save trees and save ourselves


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