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To: BH Anil Kumar, BBMP Comissioner

Save Bengaluru from a Greenocide!

Ask Public consultation before passing an order for cutting of trees on Jayamahal-Bellari road

Why is this important?

Bengaluru trees are under threat! Once again, BBMP has floated tenders to cut close to 500 trees on Jayamahal-Bellari road. BBMP is determined to launch the project again after a five-year delay due to transfer of rights of the land(1).

Citizens and activists have been asking for a tree census for years now and yet it has not been conducted citing bureaucratic hurdles. The road widening project will also pave way for the ill-conceived elevated corridor project as the road is being widened to bring in a standard width for the median to support the elevated corridor project.

In fact, in 2016 more than 8000 people formed a human chain to protect the future of these trees(2). Time and again citizens of Bengaluru have told the government that elevated corridor cutting through the city’s green heritage is not the solution to the traffic woes. Instead, the government should focus on developing a holistic public transport system.

More importantly, there has been no public consultation regarding the project which is in direct contradiction to environmental laws of the country.

Sign this urgent campaign demanding that the BBMP hold a public consultation before passing such arbitrary laws.


Bangalore, Karnataka, India

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Reasons for signing

  • Stop this stupidity of chopping off trees for some politician's greed. We need clean air & blue skies. Lets not make Bangalore the next delhi of India.
  • Because I care
  • I have seen trees cutting in Frazer town for metro- the complete park trees have been destroyed- we are the human beings why we are behaving like this. To grow the tree we need atleast 5 to 10 years but this people cutting the trees in a day is this is the gift we are giving it to our nature. 15 years before our Bangalore was a garden City now we can't find any trees Cox of this cruelty of human beings.Save tress and be benefited...


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