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To: Prakash Javadekar, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change

No pipeline through Sanjay Gandhi National Park

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No pipeline through Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Do not give the Thane-Varsave natural gas pipeline a go-ahead

Why is this important?

The National Board for Wildlife has given a go-ahead for the Thane-Varsave natural gas pipeline. The proposal for the natural gas pipeline is from Suraj Water Park, Thane, to Fountain Hotel at Varsave in Sanjay Gandhi National Park for which 154 trees will be cut down. The National Park is not only leopard country, but the very lungs of the city.

Construction of the pipeline – which will involve the diversion of 0.0445 ha of forest land inside SGNP for the 12-foot underground pipeline, and a 125-mm pipe inside the park’s eco-sensitive zone – will damage the area’s flora and fauna

This project will impact leopards, and all the forest species in SGNP. Human-animal conflict is already a serious concern with increasing encroachments. With reduced tree cover and prey available, leopards are forced to come out of the national park, making street dogs and even children from nearby hutments as easy prey. Reducing the tree cover will only stress the big cats further.

Moreover, the reduction of the green cover will further deteriorate the air quality in the city. And at the moment Mumbai’s air quality is the worst in Maharashtra and has the highest concentrations of major pollutants like nitrogen dioxide (NOx), sulphur dioxide (SO2) and carbon monoxide.

While a number of individuals have raised an alarm, we as citizens of India urge you to ensure this project does not see the light of day and we protect the very lungs of Mumbai.


Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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