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To: Abhijit Bangar, Municipal Commissioner, Nagpur Municipal Corporation; Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis; Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari

Save Nagpur's Trees: Don't allow the construction of this alternate road

Don’t go ahead with the construction of an alternate road that will see the chopping of 500 fully-grown trees in Nagpur

Why is this important?

The Nagpur bench of the Bombay High Court has taken suo motu cognisance of the letter submitted by activist and wildlife warden Jaydeep Das, protesting the cutting of 500 trees. The matter will be treated as a PIL.

According to a recent World Health Organisation report, Nagpur is the most polluted city in Maharashtra, and ranks 24th globally.

Its PM2.5 (the nasty particulate matter that directly enters the lungs) levels are over EIGHT times the permissible limit. Despite these conditions, the Nagpur Municipal Corporation is going ahead with the construction of a road that will lead to 500 full-grown trees being axed.

The civic body, along with Maha Metro, recently received clearance of nearly a hectare of land for the construction of this road, between Bharat Nagar Square to Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran office. This follows the temporary closing of a road in front of Futsala Lake, which has been sanctioned for redevelopment. The new road is being proposed as an alternative, for diverting traffic, even though the Futsala Lake road will be functional after a year. In fact, there are five roads around from the proposed one that can be used by used to divert traffic.

According to environmental activist and wildlife warden Dr Jaydeep Das, no environmental impact assessment studies were conducted to see the feasibility of constructing such a road at the cost of 500 trees, many of which are over 40 years old. Besides, the area is a lush green land home to a large number of birds (including the endangered Grey Hornbill), monkeys, peacocks and more.

Trees are one of our only natural insulaters against air pollution and at a time when the effects of climate change are being felt all across the world, the construction of this road will spell disaster for the city's already ailing air quality.


Nagpur, Maharashtra, India

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Reasons for signing

  • Every tree is important. We can live without humans, we can't survive without trees
  • Green line is our life line ! Save it for a better today and a healthy tomorrow !
  • It's important to save nature


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