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To: Pravin Joshi - Regional Officer Navi Mumbai, Aaditya Thackrey - Environment Minister Maharashtra

Save Pruthvi's future.

Save Pruthvi's future.

1. Enforce MPCB norms on Taloja MIDC companies.
2. Penalize companies releasing unprocessed toxic gases at night.

Why is this important?

Hi, my name is Pruthvi and I live in sector 9 of Navi Mumbai with my parents. My parents just love me. They make sure I am happy and smiling all the time. After all, I am only 2 years old. Perks of being a baby in this era, right?

But it is also somewhat inconvenient to be a baby in this era. My mom always covers my face while we cross the streets while visiting my Grandparents. She makes sure I don't have to inhale the toxic fumes coming out of cars and trucks.

She always says “We will never take Taloja, Kharghar, Turbhe as there are big chimneys of big companies spewing out smoke.” I have seen an old man near my house who inhales smoke from a small white chimney called cigarette... and he is always coughing. I don't want to cough like him by inhaling smoke from those tall chimneys.

That’s why I spend most of my time indoors. When I walk around in my house my mother makes sure the floor is clean. My parents want to take me out but they can't clean the air that I’ll breathe!

My mom says the meaning of my name is Earth. She tells me stories of green trees, blue skies and clean waters and birds that are supposed to co-exist with us. I don't see them very often in Navi Mumbai and especially in sector 9.

I don't want to spend most of my time in sector 9. I want to go out freely without a mask.

Please sign the petition and ask Officer uncle Pravin Joshi and Minister uncle Aaditya Thackrey to save the future of thousands of Pruthvis like me.

In hope,

Note: This petition is written in the wake of an alarming rise in air pollution in Navi Mumbai[1], with the consent of Pruthvi’s parents.


Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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Reasons for signing

  • We definitely need a cleaner and greener city without air pollution
  • Need of the hour !
  • I agree with this


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