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To: CMO Telangana, Ministry of Urban Development, Other Ministers, MPs, MLAs and political representatives in Telangana

Say No To Pharma City in Hyderabad, Telangana

Say No To Pharma City in Hyderabad, Telangana


1- Scrap the Hyderabad Pharma City project.
2- Stop all land acquisition procedures for the Hyderabad Pharma City.
3- Retract all the unjust cases filed against the agitating local farmers immediately.

Why is this important?

* Hyderabad Pharma city: A proposal to set up a cluster of more than 1,500 water-guzzling, red category pharmaceutical industries, one adjacent to the other.

* Aimed to be established in 19,333 acres of fertile agricultural zone covering 12 panchayats and their hamlets, the proposed Project area is surrounded by 13 reserve forests containing endangered species like leopards…

* The area is known for paddy, fresh vegetables, flowers, fruits and dairy supplying majorly to Hyderabad region.

* Needless to say, Pharma City is a disaster in making which will cause enormous ecological damage, destruction of thousands of rural livelihoods, loss of biodiversity, loss of food security and damage to health of future generations.

* Telangana government is hard-selling the Hyderabad Pharma city by claiming zero liquid discharge (ZLD) technology.

* But experience tells us that ZLD is a euphemism for effluent pumping into injection wells, rogue dumping by effluent tankers and secret pipelines.

* Telangana and Hyderabad for decades have been facing pollution from Pharma industries with places like Patancheru becoming famous as the World’s most Polluted places.

* Locals have been opposing the Pharma City project because of its potential to destroy local natural resources, including agricultural lands, forests, groundwater, tanks and lakes and a major loss of livelihoods.

* The project will not just impact the 12 villages but will cause ecological destruction for the entire region including the city of Hyderabad impacting health and lives of millions of people.

* The permissions for the project were brought in without the consent of the local people, by scuttling the Public hearing process successfully and by submitting falsified data and information to the Central Government.

* Land for the project is being taken by force putting aside all legal procedures.

* Officials are resorting to blackmail to acquire farmlands.

* And the local farmers opposing the project were arrested in the middle of the night and still not given bail.

* Hence this Petition.

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How it will be delivered

We will email signatures, deliver them in person and also release to press.

Reasons for signing

  • lets do it guys
  • To save the planet
  • I found all the point stated in "why is it important" valid and something that needs support.


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