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To: Shri M. R. Vijayabhaskar, Minister of Transport

Scrap Old Buses! : Shri M. R. Vijayabhaskar

Scrap Old Buses! : Shri M. R. Vijayabhaskar

Scrap Old Buses! We need MTC to stick to their promise!

Why is this important?

Air pollution in the form of vehicular emissions is most commonly faced by people across the country. Our cities are filled with old diesel buses and trucks that should be taken off the roads immediately.

Taking old buses off the road is the right thing to do -- These buses have outlived their shelf life and are less fuel efficient. Also, maintaining these buses cuts a deeper hole in the government’s pockets.

Chennai’s buses are also known for frequent breakdowns. These breakdowns increase the traffic congestion on the streets, adding to the traffic woes of the city. Half of MTC's fleet have run beyond the permissible limit of six lakh km.

The major pollutants emitted from transport include carbon dioxide, methane, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, sulphur dioxide and particulate matter -- and the scary list goes on! But black carbon emissions from diesel vehicles are known to be several times more toxic than other pollutants. And commercial vehicles in several Indian cities run on diesel because it is cheap. So pedestrians and the millions of Indians who use public transport are inhaling very high levels of pollution.

Scrapping old, polluting vehicles and upgrading public transportation fleets is essential for clean and vibrant cities.

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

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Reasons for signing

  • I am a daily bus commuter. I can see the disturbance caused by the very vehicles which were introduced with an intention to help the people.
  • Would like to improve air quality of chennai
  • It is worthy cause.


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