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To: Devendra Fadnavis, Chief Minister of Maharastra; Chandrashekhar Bawankule, Minister of Energy, Maharastra.

Scrap the Koradi power unit expansion

Scrap the Koradi power units expansion project

Why is this important?

Thirty-five organisations and individuals in Nagpur are opposing the proposed expansion of Koradi Thermal Power Station (KTPS), and the setting up two more units of 660 MW at Koradi.

KTPS is less than 10 kilometres away from Nagpur city limits, that has a densely populated area with over 10 million people(1). A recent report assessing the potential impacts of Koradi power plant suggests than 10 kids under the age of 5 will die annually if it comes into force(2). In the current times, the entire world is moving away from the polluting coal-based thermal power plants, the decision for expansion of coal energy is in contradiction to India’s commitment to resolving the climate crisis.

Pollution levels in Nagpur have already been on an upswing and activists suggest that the city is turning into a ‘cancer capital’ due to the high number of power plants in the area(3).

The water crisis of Vidharbha region which is a leading cause of farmer suicides and agrarian distress would get intensified with the diversion of water for power generation. Additionally, 71 per cent of power is produced in Vidarbha whereas only 11 per cent is consumed rest is transmitted to western Maharashtra. Vidharbha region has suffered enough due to lack of prioritisation from the consecutive state governments. This has to stop now!

This project was announced without any public hearing, despite protests from locals. When the lives of so many residents are at stake, a public hearing should be mandatory.

35 organisations in the area are already opposing the expansion of Koradi power plant. We must join the movement against this polluting thermal power plant that will have devastating consequences.


Maharashtra, India

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Reasons for signing

  • The power plants create too much pollution in that area it also disturb a bird life they were killed day by day so our responsibility to protect them
  • As we are staying in Koradi for many years. We are already facing the heat and the experiencing the polluted environment. We have no fresh air to breathe. And if this power plant starts again, pathetic things can happen. 5 out of 10 people here are suffering from disease like asthma and all.
  • This will pollute entire koradi area


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