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To: Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited, BMRCL

Send comments on Bengaluru Comprehensive Mobility Plan

This campaign has ended.

Send comments on Bengaluru Comprehensive Mobility Plan

1. Follow required due process for CMP
2. Scrap the Elevated Corridor as part of CMP
3. Prioritization of public transportation and disincentivise private transport

Why is this important?

BMRC received all the suggestions from us. Last date of submitting suggestions was January 20, 2020. We would be meeting BMRC MD in early February to discuss the project.
We met DULT Commissioner and BMRCL MD on 19 February 2020 and are following up on a number of recommendations sent by us.

BMRCL extended the deadline to gather public feedback on the proposed CMP (Comprehensive Mobility Plan) till January 20, 2020. Citizens of Bengaluru can send their comments to Metro using this page.

1. I question the legality of this CMP because it does not follow the due process described by KMC (MPC, Ward Committees) Metro is not the authorized agency to create a city-wide mobility master plan and will not clear legal scrutiny.

2.I demand that the elevated corridors be entirely removed from this plan wherever it lands. The project has been cancelled due to massive public opposition last year. Our city needs to stay focused on public transport for the next 15 years since we missed the boat for the last 30 years.

Getting stuck in traffic every day is the norm in the life of every Bangalorean. Comprehensive Mobility Plan (CMP) for Bengaluru while has some good proposal it misses out on some key aspects around mobility. We have Just 4 days, until January 6, to give our feedback to on the draft CMP for Bengaluru.

The CMP, a 226-page plan, outlines an overall transport/mobility strategy and specific projects for the next 15 years in Bengaluru. The CMP Plan has not been prepared in consultation with the Bengaluru city Master Plan (RMP 2031). Ideally, it should be part of the master plan because mobility plans cannot be made in isolation. Where people live and work has everything to do with mobility.

The biggest problem with this plan however is something all of us fought very hard last year - the dreaded elevated corridor makes an appearance in the plan for phase 2 and phase 3. Time and again, Bengalureans have objected to the proposal of the elevated corridor. Bengaluru does not need more projects that attract more vehicles and cut trees - instead, investments and energies should be driven towards public transport in the next ten years. The plan includes positive proposals around public transport and disincentivizes private transport (parking fee, congestion charge etc) but risks negate all these with the elevated corridor.

We need to convey these points as such ad hoc plans are not likely to progress and likely to be at odds with the overall city master plan.

Time is of the essence and if we want to have a better mobility system, we need to send in our inputs. Click on the email to send these to BMRC inputs to the plan before 6 Jan 2020.

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

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