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To: Jitendra Pardeshi , Superintendent of Garden Department & Tree Authority, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation

Send your objections against tree cutting at Aarey Colony

This campaign has ended.

Send your objections against tree cutting at Aarey Colony

To stop the felling of 2700 trees for the construction of a metro car shed at Aarey Colony

Why is this important?

Aarey Colony in Mumbai is the city's last remaining stretches of tree cover. Now, 2700 trees are being felled to accommodate a car shed for the Mumbai Metro - III project.

Though the National Green Tribunal recently dismissed the petition against the cutting of trees, the case is pending in the High Court. The public hearing is scheduled for October 10.

Over the past weekend, around 120 trees were chopped by MMRCL (Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation Limited) officials, without the presence or permissions from any tree officials. When activists protested, they were detained by Aarey Colony police. This completely unacceptable!

We have until October 10 to send in our objections and suggestions to the BMC. These complaints will then be forwarded to MMRCL.

Sign now to send in your objections against the merciless axing of trees at Aarey Colony.


Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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