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To: Jitendra Pardeshi , Superintendent of Garden Department & Tree Authority, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation

Send your objections to Save Aarey, Mumbai’s Green Lung

This campaign has ended.

Send your objections to Save Aarey, Mumbai’s Green Lung

To stop the felling of 2238 trees at Aarey Colony for the construction of a car shed for Mumbai Metro 3

Why is this important?

The Tree Authority in the BMC recently issued a public notice inviting suggestions from citizens in Mumbai on the issue of felling 2238 trees for the construction of a car shed in Aarey Colony. The last date to send these is one week from now, July 8.

In October last year, over 14,000 Jhatkaa members like you had sent in their objections against the cutting of these trees. At the then public hearing, thousands of angry citizens had shown up, and taken the BMC to task for their flawed decision-making process in felling the precious trees in Aarey Colony, Mumbai’s green lungs.

The Bombay High Court has now lifted the stay on the Tree Authority, and we have just about a week to send in our objections before the public hearing on July 8. Mumbai’s pollution levels and temperature are regulated because of the limited green cover we have, including the lush Aarey Colony.

We have put together this email that contains observations and objections directed at the Tree Authority. All you have to do is sign it, and an email will be sent in your name. Feel free to add your thoughts in the email.

Environmentalists, tribals (who reside at Aarey) and citizen activists have been commitedly fighting against this indiscriminate tree cutting. Let’s add our voices to this movement, and show the BMC what strength in numbers looks like.

Sign and send this email NOW!

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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