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To: D Sarkar, Commissioner, Delhi Development Authority (DDA)

Send your objections to save Delhi's district park

Send your objections to save Delhi's district park

Don't use park land for construction of South Delhi Municipal Corporation's Headquarters

Why is this important?

Recent times have seen the air quality in Delhi drop from poor to severe with each passing day. To curb this, we need to focus on creating and maintaining our existing green spaces. Instead, the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) has decided to clear out a district park to turn it into their headquarters.

The present headquarters was built in 2010 on a grand budget of 650 crores. During its inauguration it was said that “this magnificent building will be a landmark for many many years to come". However in just eight years, the SDMC will use taxpayers’ money again to construct a new headquarters on a park, despite having space in government buildings around the city.

Additionally, there is no clarity on the funds for construction or reviewing the Masterplan for the city, according to physical and social-economic indicators as mandated by law.

Send your objections to D. Sarkar, Commissioner of DDA and ask him to stop destroying the green spaces in the city for Government greed.

New Delhi, Delhi, India

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