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To: V Shantha, BBMP Ward Councillor, Singasandra

End garbage burning in ward 191 (Singasandra)

End garbage burning in ward 191 (Singasandra)

1)As priority ...fine the BBMP contractor for garbage burning..
2)Create strong awareness drive to educate people the impact/dangers of garbage/waste/plastic burning ...people are too ignorant and government is NOT putting any effort on this .
3)Garbage is laying everywhere due to public negligence/insensitive, BBMP sluggishness, Governments apathy on creating garbage centres to collect the garbage from public for a that people do not throw the garbage every where.
4)Make BBMP employees work ....dismiss Health inspector with huge fine...if garbage is find ever where and if garbage is on fire.....Currently BBMP employees DO NOT care anyone ...though several complaints are opened and requested....
5)STOP the plastic making factories...and encourage to setup cloth bags...
6) Government need to understand ...most of its employees DO NOT WORK.......they way it suppose to go for complete privatisation

Why is this important?

Garbage burning emits toxic chemicals and is killing people slowly .....Government needs to act aggressively and stop the garbage burning menace

Singasandra, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

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Reasons for signing

  • Garbage burning is a serious issue and needs to be stopped right away for a healthy tomorrow.
  • Well need clean air to breathe for our self and our children. Burning garbage is toxic. Where are we heading? People should be punished for such offence who dont care for the environment.
  • 1. Fine the contractor and the people who throw without segregation. 2. Use that money to give jobs to the poor who will then convert wet kitchen waste to manure and sell it to corporates/gated communities for their gardens


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