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To: Kumbalgod Panchayat, Kumbalgod and Kaggalipura police stations, PCB, NGT

Stop the burning of plastic on the banks of the Vrushabhavati

Stop the burning of plastic on the banks of the Vrushabhavati

Please stop the burning of plastic on the banks of the Vrushabhavati. It is polluting the air that we breathe and posing a health hazard for people residing in the area

Why is this important?

Clean Air Should Be Recognized As A Human Right. Air pollution clearly violates the rights to life and health, the rights of the child, and the right to live in a safe, clean, healthy, and sustainable environment

How it will be delivered

Representatives of the residents will visit in person to hand over the petition.


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Reasons for signing

  • There are better, easier and healthier ways to dispose garbage. Signing this petition will help spread awareness of the legal methods to garbage management.
  • I believe that we should save what exists, as we have a commitment to the future generations.
  • Any explanation needed as to why we shud we not burn plastic.. this is happening on a giant scale...even a child knows it’s not good to burn plastic.. the area where this is happening is also close the Kumbalagodu forest .. let’s us save Vrishabhavathi’s


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