To: Manjunath Prasad, Commissioner, BBMP; Appu Rao, Deputy Conservator of Forest, BBMP

Stop cutting trees for signal-free corridor on Old Airport Road

After immense public pressure, the BBMP has promised to not cut any trees on this stretch. MILESTONE!

UPDATE: BBMP has assured us that no more trees will be chopped or slashed or felled for this badly planned project.

For more than a month, we have had sleepless nights over the inhuman cutting of trees on Old Airport Road. We did everything we could -- right from speaking to government officials and mobilizing people on social media to creating human chains and speaking to the press. Our efforts paid off with your help!

Read about our milestone here: The New Indian Express:


A couple of weeks ago, 15 trees along the Old Airport Road were cut in the middle of the night for the signal free corridor. On Tuesday night, 30 more trees were cut along the same stretch. More than 60 trees are expected to be cut. We cannot let this massacre happen!

That’s why you should join members of the Residents’ Welfare Association from Vinayakanagar and K.R. Gardens in forming a Human Chain around our trees at HAL Road bus stop on Sunday 13 August at 9 am. During the #SteelFlyoverBeda movement, Bengaluru witnessed how people coming together for trees can send a strong message to the government.

The signal-free corridor on Old Airport Road is a disaster for our glorious trees. This badly planned development project has been delayed for almost five years now, and has suddenly been reinitiated - without proper public hearing.

This project is not a permanent solution for the traffic congestion -- and definitely not at the expense of our trees, which have been here for decades.

Why is this important?

If tree cutting continues, clouds that form over Bengaluru will never split or burst due to lack of cool atmosphere and the density of clouds will never result in rain.

Bengaluru is already facing water scarcity, and such a tree massacre will only cause more damage than relief.

So, unless we find a way to increase the chances of rains, trees are our only life savers to attract rains.

The ecological damage due to cutting trees is going to be permanent, which in turn will increase the pollution level to much more worrying level, thus damaging the health of the whole society.

Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Reasons for signing

  • Because trees are what makes our environment an environment that can sustain life and its not cost friendly to create oxygen by humans(costs millions of dollars) but trees do it for free...
  • as a duty to flourish life
  • Only because I consider my duty over my comforts and of course to save my futute..


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YOU signed our petition and raised your voice against the government’s decision of cutting trees for the signal-free corridor. YOU were heard!

BBMP has assured us that no more trees will be chopped or slashed or felled for this badly planned project.

Read about our milestone here: The New Indian Express:

2017-08-12 20:46:44 +0530

Hi all,
Pls hear the voices of the fellow residents who are really concerned with Tree cutting. Pls share the link and join us tomorrow , let's save our Garden city. Pls join near HAL bus stop@ 9am . Share :

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Gear up friends, we have one day left for big day. Let's join to save the green canopy. I request everyone to be there on Sunday morning @ 9am near HAL bus stop. Let's meet there.

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