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To: Mr Jitesh Kumar, Technical Officer (Forestry) & CPIO (Forest Policy), Ministry of Environment, Forests & Climate Change

Submit your comments on the Draft National Forest Policy, 2018

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Submit your comments on the Draft National Forest Policy, 2018

Take citizens' comments and suggestions for the Draft national Forest Policy, 2018 under consideration.

Why is this important?

The Draft National Forest Policy, 2018 includes pointers for sustainable management of our forests and urban tree cover. However, there are some glaring omissions and problematic areas that need to be addressed. For instance --
Private partnerships - This is unnecessary, as no private parties should have rights to implementation on forest land
Relaxing felling and transit regime of wood - This could lead to the problem of illegal transportation of timber and also have devastating consequences on tree cover.

This is a much-needed opportunity to contribute our suggestions and ensure that we have a robust Forest Policy that will not only nurture our forests but also protect the livelihoods of indigenous forest communities. We have already drafted an email template that covers the relevant points. Please feel free to add your own comments and rephrase or tweak the letter as you deem fit.

India’s forests are our lifeline, and this is our chance to perform a precious democratic duty. We have just about seven days to ensure the ministry takes into account these crucial recommendations.

Draft National Policy


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