Successful Campaigns

Successful Campaigns
  • Leave Aarey forest alone
    Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray declared that a 600-acre land in Aarey would be reserved, and subsequently conserved, as a forest. He said that it would be the first instance of a "huge jungle" being conserved at the centre of a megapolis.
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  • Don’t change the Karnataka Preservation of Trees Act
    WE WON! Realising the catastrophic implications of its proposed amendment to the Karnataka Preservation of Trees Act of 1976, the Karnataka government, on Wednesday, withdrew the bill, suo motu.
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  • Stop the draconian Indian Forest Act, 2019 from coming into force
    On November 15, Minister of Environment, Forest & Climate Change Prakash Javadekar said that the draft of the Indian Forest Act, 1929 amendment was being withdrawn. He added that the government did not create the draft to amend the law, and there was confusion among people about what the draft was meant for. This is a BIG victory for activists and environmental groups (including us), who had protested against the proposed amendment and asked for its scrapping!
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  • Pune needs CNG buses: Do not buy polluting diesel buses for our city
    PMPML scrapped their initial plan of getting diesel buses and are in the process of procuring electric buses!
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  • Save Delhi's Trees
    The Delhi High Court stayed the cutting of these trees.
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  • Illegal dumping of Garbage next to our residential housing complex - ALPINE VIVA at Seegehalli
    The Panchayat finally agreed to clear the garbage dump site and put an end to illegal dumping outside our residential complex in Seegehalli! Right now, a sports ground has replaced the illegal dumping ground.
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  • Keep your promise: Buy new BMTC buses by June 2017!
    UPDATE: Last week the BMTC announced that it would add 1,500 new buses to its fleet. This is an important win for the city of Bengaluru! Upon hearing the good news, called up the up the Managing Director of the BMTC, Dr. Ekroop Caur. We congratulated her on purchasing 1,500 new busses for Bengaluru - as promised - and asked her about old buses that need to be scrapped. It's crucial to reducing air pollution in the city, we said, and guess what?? She told us that the BMTC will be scrapping 1,000 old buses by the end of the financial year! This is HUGE. It means that tons of particulate matter will not enter our city's air. Medium and heavy vehicles, including BMTC buses, account for 2.5 percent of country’s total fleet but contribute over 60 per cent of the air pollution. This type of dialogue with decision makers and campaigning is what Jhatkaa specializes in, and we depend on members like you to fund our work. Our goal is to be 100% member-funded by passionate Bengalureans like you. Can you donate Rs. 1,000 (or any other amount) so that we can continue campaigning for a cleaner, greener Bengaluru? Make a donation at this link:
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