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To: Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change

Save 100 sq km of Bannerghatta National Park!

This campaign has ended.

Save 100 sq km of Bannerghatta National Park!

Restore the ESZ back to 269 sq km and stop allowing mining activities near the park.

Why is this important?

UPDATE: Bengaluru South MP Tejasvi Surya approached Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar with the Bannerghatta ESZ problem. Above is an image of the letter of acknowledgement from the environment minister.

The eco-sensitive zone (ESZ) in the Bannerghatta National Park has been reduced from 269 sq km to 169 sq km! Vested mining interests have taken over a green space. Thousands of trees will be cut down to dig out and drill into the earth. Bannerghatta National Park is the only green lung left in the city. We cannot afford to lose it.
Here is a list of problems with this change:
1. Mining right next to the park means increase in pollution and disturbance to animals and people living in the park.
2. Cutting down forest area increases the chance of animals entering the city and causing harm to life and property. This has already happened several times in the recent past.
3. Bannerghatta National Park is the only green space left in the country. This is the beginning of our only remaining forest disappearing.

3. Photo credit: The News Minute

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

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